Get in on the Gossip: These Songs Were All Written About Other Celebrities

Since the beginning of music-making, artists have been drawing inspiration from the world around them. We all tend to be influenced by the people in our lives, but the difference between us and music artists is they get to make music about those people. And since celebrities tend to hang out and date other celebs, it only makes sense that their songs are about them.

Kanye West on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2015. / Leonard Cohen in 1998. / Taylor Swift at the Billboard Women in Music event. / Kurt Cobain in concert in 1991.

Photo by Brian J Ritchie, Hot Sauce, / Richard Young, / Matt Baron, / Ian Dickson,

The fun thing about it is that sometimes we have no idea who the song is about and once we do find out, it makes listening to that song that much more fun. So on that note, let’s check out which songs were written about other celebrities. You might already know a few, but some will definitely surprise you. Like, did you know that Mariah Carey wrote a song about Eminem? I didn’t! Now you’ll get to see what made her do it…

These are the songs we’ve all heard time and time again – but now you’ll know who the muse was!