Get in on the Gossip: These Songs Were All Written About Other Celebrities

Mariah Carey – Obsessed

About: Eminem

Sometimes, recording artists will have full on duels with each other solely through their songs. And of all people, diva Mariah Carey and rapper Eminem got involved in a song battle. Their musical back and forth can get confusing, but this is the gist of it. Apparently, Eminem claimed that he and Mariah were something of an item. In fact, according to Marshall Mathers (his real name), they were at it for “a good six, seven months.”

Mariah Carey performing at the Billboard Music Awards in 2019. / Eminem performing at a festival in Manchester.

Photo by Rob Latour, / Mpifcu, mediapunch,

The harshness in his songs (like ‘The Warning’) that are about her evolved from her insistence that they were never even a couple. Eminem referenced her twice on his album, The Eminem Show. Then Mariah mentioned him on her album, Clown (“should’ve left it at ‘I like your music, too’”). Eminem later played voicemail messages from Mariah while on his Anger Management tour. Then, eventually, Mariah released her song Obsessed.