What Were They Thinking? These Original Band Names Were… Questionable

It’s one of the most critical decisions a band will face: what to call themselves. And yet, so many get it just so wrong. Lucky for us, for every band that thinks of a horrible name and keeps it, there’s a band that thinks of a horrible name and plays a few shows and then finally comes to its senses. This phenomenon is actually more common than you think.


Photo by Picture Perfect, Shutterstock / Andre Csillag, Shutterstock / Times Newspapers, Shutterstock

From Def Leppard to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Sabbath, many popular groups started their life cursed with a flat-out bad name. Fortunately, these bands went through some growing pains and landed a name worthy of adorning the t-shirts of millions of devoted fans across the globe. As they say, the name makes the band, so here is our list of bands that almost didn’t get made.