Memorable One-Hit Wonders: See Where They Are Now

Imagine you’re making music for what feels like forever, or maybe you’re even new on the scene, and bam! You suddenly are the talk of the town. Your latest hit skyrockets to the top of the radio charts, the video clip is being watched by millions upon millions, and you’re being called the next best thing. Amazing, right? Now imagine fading away into radio and media oblivion. And that fame was really just your 15 minutes. Ouch, right?

Vanilla Ice posing with sunglasses and an American flag jacket / Macy Gray posing with her Brit Awards in 2000 / Psy dancing

Source: Shutterstock / Photo by EM Enternational, Shutterstock / Broadimage, Shutterstock

While some artists can carry their rise and fall more gracefully than others, some musicians just can’t handle seeing their music careers disappear so well. All these artists enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, only to be remembered (and revered) as a one-hit-wonder. But hey, at least they still get their royalty checks, right?

See what they’re up to now!