Teenage Musicians Who Wrote Hit Songs at Young Ages

These are the teenagers who got famous by writing songs that become chart-topping hits of all time. Knowingly or unknowingly, these young songwriters produced heart touching melodies that everyone loved. Ever wondered what the story behind your favorite soundtrack is? You could be listening to a popular song without knowing who wrote it and why. Maybe you are not even aware that many of today’s renowned musicians wrote top hit songs even before they passed their driving tests.


Source: udiscovermusic.com

While many of us kept ourselves busy in achieving good grades in classes and learning hot-cross-buns on a recorder, these epitomes of musical fantasy were busy writing beautiful and heart-touching melodies. Passion for music made them create songs that changed the course of musical history. These teenage musicians proved that age is just a number when it comes to being creative and writing full-blown melodies before hitting 20s. Here’s the list of young artists:

Kate Bush’s First Love Became Her First Song

Kate Bush, an English songwriter, wrote ‘’The Man with the Child in His Eyes,’’ at age 16, which became a top- chart single. The song was released in 1978, three years after she wrote it. Later in 2010, it was revealed that the song actually described her first boyfriend, Steve Blacknell.


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Blacknell revealed his side of the story in an interview with The Daily Mail. He said, “She had become my first true love by the spring of 1975. I’ll never forget her. I went round to her house, and she led me to a room where a piano stood. When I heard it, I realized right there that I had fallen in love with a genius.’’