Three Brothers, a Sewing Machine, and Glam Rock: The Story of AC/DC

From Snowy Scotland to Sunny Australia

The Young brothers, Malcolm, Angus, and George, were born in Glasgow, Scotland, between the years 1946 and 1955. They were around for the “The Big Freeze” of 1963, which was the worst winter on record in Scotland, with a whopping eight feet of snow. A TV commercial at the time offered assisted travel for families.


Photo by Martyn Goddard / Shutterstock

The sell: a different (warmer) life in Australia. And so, 15 members of the Young family moved to Australia in 1963. During their initial stay at a hostel, 17-year-old George met and became friends with another immigrant, Harry Vanda, from the Netherlands. The two friends would soon create a band of their own together. It was during those early days that George became the first one to learn to play the guitar.