The Top 5 Acoustic Songs Ever Made

The guitar is a wonderfully versatile instrument; it can be enjoyed by riffing it out in its full electric potential or gently serenaded in its acoustic form. And neither one is better than the other. The guitar is the foundation of rock music as we know it, and the acoustic guitar is also the basis for music writing. Every guitar player will start his or her creative process by starting on an acoustic. And the rest is history. That said, this piece is dedicated to the guitar and the best acoustic songs ever made.

5. Pink Floyd – ‘Wish You Were Here’

The powerful song was something of a lament for Roger “Syd” of Pink Floyd. The song ‘Wish You Were Here’ is about the detached feeling that many people go through life with. In the commentary of their album ‘The Wall,’ Roger Waters explains how that the inspiration was the band’s founding member Syd Barrett and his suffering from schizophrenia. The sadness of the song’s subject matter blends perfectly with the acoustic tone. And it goes down as one of the best acoustic songs in music history.

Source: BBC