One Love: Meet Reggae Legend Bob Marley’s 11 Children (and Counting)

Over the course of his short 36 years here on earth, Bob Marley brought reggae to the international stage. But music wasn’t his only accomplishment. Although the iconic musician was married to Rita up until his untimely death in 1981, his marriage was a somewhat open agreement. The Jamaican singer had 11 children with at least eight different women, but some say that there are other “forgotten” kids out there too.

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He also adopted two of Rita’s children, raising everyone together as one giant family. Given the fact that their father was THE Bob Marley, most of his children followed in his footsteps and became musicians in their own right. Today, they also work on keeping his legacy alive, nearly thirty years after his death. Curious to know what everyone is up to? Let’s check out our list of Bob Marley’s children!