Inside the Life of Country Music Mega Star Reba McEntire

That Shooting Country Life

Despite all the fame or fortune, Reba is a regular country girl at heart. The singer likes guns and enjoys going shooting. She did, however, explain that she did not learn to shoot as a little girl. She actually took shooting lessons later on in life when she was filming a movie. She recounted:

Reba McEntire left, and Philip Glass

Reba McEntire, left, and Philip Glass, two of the recipients of the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors, converse as they pose for a group photo following a dinner. Source: Shutterstock

“When I found out that I was going to do a movie called Buffalo Girls with Anjelica Huston several years before this, I went and learned how to skeet shoot and trap and shoot because I wanted to be able to look like I knew how to shoot a gun because we never did that when we’re home in Oklahoma.”