50 Film Scores That Made Movies So Much Better

What makes a truly great film? Experts would say that a lot of things come into play when it gets down to deciding whether or not a film is any good. All the ingredients of a movie come together and it can result in a truly special piece of cinema… or not. The very best films need amazing acting, smart direction, flawless cinematography, powerful plots, and, of course, stellar scores. And sometimes there’s that certain something that is missing from a film – that X factor that you can’t put your finger on.


Source: Youtube.com

Music can either make or break the film. The best film scores elevate the on-screen action in ways where visuals simply do not suffice, adding to the tension of the greatest dramas, terrifying the viewers in classic horror, or tugging at the heartstrings in a particularly emotional scene. Here are some of the best film scores ever created.