When Actors Want to Conquer the Music Industry As Well

Movie stars have the ability to captivate their audiences through their strong performances, as time and time again, they are able to come up with an award-worthy performance. There are however some who aim at showing off their creative prowess beyond television and cinema. These stars did not stick with one course of action, as they diversified their creative portfolios by sharing their musical capabilities with the world.

Scarlet Johansson

Source: Hype MY

Just because these movies stars were able to amaze you behind the screen, does not necessarily imply that they were able to do justice to the music industry as well. Some succeeded in standing out through their music, while others failed miserably. In this article, we will cover 40 movie stars who took on to the stage and shared their musical passions with the world. Go ahead and check out some of their music as you go along, maybe you’ll end up finding a song you haven’t heard in years.