The Man Behind the Legacy: The Story of Bob Marley’s Short but Legendary Life

Few people in the history of music have both inspired and influenced the world as much as Bob Marley has. There’s a reason why this man’s face is planted on posters of millions of walls and why his music is still heard and appreciated today. He became a cultural and musical icon for generations to come. From his distinctive dreadlocks to his unforgettable songs and melodies, his loyalty to his hometown, and the advocacy for peace – Bob Marley will forever be an advocate for truth and a trendsetter, even though he died about 30 years ago.

Bob Marley is photographed performing circa 1979.

Photo by Steve Joester / Shutterstock

It seems as though all of his accomplishments and his music have overshadowed the darker parts of Bob Marley’s life. Not to mention the actual way he died. Marley’s life story wasn’t always happy, easy, or carefree. His strong beliefs were the product of growing up in turmoil and poverty. Marley faced all kinds of challenges, from oppression to assassination attempts to a battle with cancer. And above all, he projected positivity.

This is a look into Bob Marley’s real life and how he got to become a legend – all before his untimely death at the age of 36.