The Life and Times of Frank Sinatra: How a Legend Became His Own Worst Enemy

Does anyone here NOT know who Frank Sinatra is? Yeah, I didn’t think so. The whole world knows of Frank Sinatra, millions were real fans who listened to his music, and many saw his movies. But how many people know what his personal life was really like? How many people know that he had four wives, had the FBI following him for 40 years and that his son was kidnapped? And that’s just to name a few.

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The talented singer and actor with nicknames like The Voice and Ol’ Blue Eyes was basically America’s first teen idol. The crooner could make bobby-soxers faint, became an Academy Award-winning actor, and a pioneer of Las Vegas resident performers. But for Frank Sinatra, with the money and fame came turmoil. The man basically became his own enemy. See why…

This is the true and fascinating story of Frank Sinatra, a legend in the making.