The Lesser-Known Member of the 27 Club: Robert Johnson’s Deal with the Devil

Why is Robert Johnson one of the most studied country blues musicians? The blues singer and guitarist from the 1930s apparently influenced tons of artists, from Muddy Waters to Eric Clapton The Rolling Stones. He shaped the future of rock’n’roll as we know it. So what is it about this man from rock and blues past that makes him so mysterious? Well, it could just be…perhaps…his deal that he supposedly made with the devil.

Robert Johnson holding his guitar for an album cover photo.

Source: Tumblr

The most popular story surrounding Johnson’s life, the one that inspired, fascinated and even tired everyone out, is the one about him selling his soul to the Devil. The music and short-lived life of Robert Johnson have been surrounded by mystery. But one thing is clear – he was a damn good blues musician. Dying at the age of 27 and making a supposed deal with the devil are just some of the things that turned this man into a legend.