The First (and Second) Wives Club: Marrying Into the Beatles

That old(ish) saying that “behind every great man is a great woman” can definitely be used when we’re talking about the women who, for better or worse, chose to tie the knot with one of the Fab Four. The women who married into the Beatles’ empire are the ones who not only stole the Fab Four’s hearts, but also became their muses.

Pattie Boyd, Tina Williams, Pru Bury, and Susan Whiteman brushing the hair of all of the Beatles members on set of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’

Pattie Boyd, Tina Williams, Pru Bury, and Susan Whiteman fixing the Beatles members hair on set of ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ Photo by Northcliffe Collection / ANL / Shutterstock

These special ladies ranged from socialites to models, hairdressers to actresses and artists. Some dove deep into the world of free love and went on a journey with the guys during their experimental phase. Others, however, were more of the homemaker type, striving to maintain their privacy, while being married to the most famous men in the world. No one said being married to the world’s most famous pop stars would be easy.

These are the women who married the men of the Beatles. We’ll start with the first wives club.