The Bee Gees: How Three Brothers Became Pop Music Leaders

While most famous bands can trace their beginnings to collaborations and even breakups with other acts, the Bee Gees stand apart from the rest. The three small-town brothers from England found their place in music history through the process of simply growing up together in the same home. The oldest, Barry Gibb, was born in 1946. His fraternal twin brothers, Robin and Maurice, showed up in 1949.

The Bee Gees, Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb

The Bee Gees, Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb. Photo By Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock

It’s no doubt that the boys inherited some musical DNA from their parents. Their father was a drummer and a bandleader, and mama Gibb was known to be a singer and went on to become her sons’ manager during their formative years. The boys grew up to be full-grown pop stars, dominating the 70s and 80s music scene.

But with time, and the loss of more than one Gibb brother, the group faced their ups and downs. Barry, the surviving brother, even claims to see his brothers’ ghosts…

This is their story.