Some of the Most Popular Songs Ever Made Were Written About the Same Woman

It’s always a problem when two men fall in love with the same woman. But what happens when those two men are extremely famous rock stars? It just so happens that two of history’s most iconic musicians, George Harrison and Eric Clapton, fell for the same woman. That woman? A blonde British blue-eyed beauty by the name of Pattie Boyd. And it was Pattie that inspired both of them (and others) to write songs about her.

ALT Eric Clapton playing his guitar in 1968 while looking passed his guitar. / Patti Boyd was posing in a hat in 1962. / George Harrison on his band's tour through Denmark and Holland.

Photo by Granger, / Associated Newspapers, / David Magnus,

Pattie was married to both of them, at different times, of course, and is now in her third. With these affairs now decades in the past, Pattie has recently come forward with her true feelings about what those two marriages and life was really like behind the concerts, parties, tours, and affairs. Despite a rowdy and eventful past, Pattie Boyd is quite rare. She came out unscathed and even a happy survivor of the decade that not only defined her but her a generation.

This is Pattie Boyd’s personal account of what it was like to have to choose between George Harrison and Eric Clapton. And by the end, you’ll hear what Clapton has to say about it…