Inspiring Songs That Really Made A Difference

Music has an incredible power to bring people together and trigger significant changes, and some of the best songs throughout history aren’t just remembered for their lyrics and melodies, but for the powerful effects, they had at the time and still continue to have today. There’s a lot of suffering all around the world, and a single song can’t make all of that go away, but it can act as a catalyst, inspiring people to stand up, take action, and make things better, as well as raising huge amounts of money for worthy causes. Here are five of the very best.

Heal the World by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s humanitarian work should never be forgotten or overlooked when considering the late legend’s incredible contributions to pop culture and society as we know it. He once stated that Heal the World was his proudest achievement as a songwriter. It was a simple song on the face of it, but with a powerful message underneath, clearly and unabashedly expressing Jackson’s lifelong desire to see the world in a state of peace and harmony.



The music video focused on orphans in war-stricken Burundi and Heal the World was also chosen as the name of Jackson’s charitable organization, which helped to raise millions to improve the lives of kids around the world.