Growing Up Jackson: The Lives of Prince, Paris, and Bigi

The King of Pop has three children, Prince, Paris, and Bigi (Blanket) Jackson. The three kids have gone through a lot in life, but they managed to stay out of the spotlight. The siblings had a wonderful childhood growing up on the Neverland Ranch. The kids were happy, loved, cared for, and protected; until Michael Jackson suddenly passed away on June 25th, 2009, leaving the three children with no father.

Michael Jackson in the 'Thriller' music video

Photo by Optimus Prods / Kobal / Shutterstock

Paris and Prince accepted awards on behalf of their father, but they managed to stay under the radar for quite a few years. They went to school and tried to live a relatively normal life. Well, as normal as it could be without their dad. But now the kids are all grown up. There’s modeling, acting, college graduation, and even a YouTube channel coming out of these starlings.

Check out what life was like growing up Jackson, and what these extraordinary kids are up to now.