Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane: A True Force of Nature

A Hippie Rock Group

The San Francisco hippie rock group that called themselves Jefferson Airplane produced some of the most memorable and definitive songs of the late ‘60s, including White Rabbit, Somebody to Love, and the anti-Vietnam war anthem Volunteers. When the counterculture movement started to die down in the early ‘70s, the band experienced one of the most turbulent group histories ever.


Jefferson Airplane, 1967. Photo by Globe Photos / Mediapunch / Shutterstock

Countless musicians came in and out over the years, many of them leaving with a bitter taste in their mouths, only communicating with ex-bandmates through lawyers. Over time, Jefferson Airplane became Jefferson Starship, which later turned into Starship. Regardless of their name and band member changes, Grace Slick is the name that stands above the rest. And, as it turns out, she wasn’t even the group’s first choice…