Eric Clapton: How the Musician Turned Tragedy into Triumph

Whatever you’ve heard about Eric Clapton, there’s a reason behind it. Whether it’s the great things, like his incredible talent as a guitarist and musician, or the negative things, like addiction to drugs, alcohol, and trouble with women. Whatever it is that you heard about the superstar musician, let it be known that it all comes from a complicated early life. The man, for those who don’t know, was raised in a complex family situation.

Eric Clapton collage

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But the point of this article, aside from telling the true story of Eric Clapton, is to show how he managed to turn his personal struggles into art. He took his pain and channeled it into his music. From his relationship with Patti Boyd to his addiction to drugs and alcohol to the death of his son, Clapton has learned a lot about life. And it’s worth knowing his history to understand who he has become.

This is his story…