Dusty Springfield’s Untold Story: The Rise and Fall of a Repressed Pop Icon

An Unofficial Marriage

In 1981, she had a six-month fling with Carole Pope, the singer-musician of the rock band Rough Trade. These were during periods of psychological and professional instability, where Dusty’s involvement in these intimate relationships was influenced by addiction, and often resulted in personal injury. In 1982, she met an American actress, Teda Bracci, at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Teda Bracci and Dusty Springfield.

Source: gaythestraightaway.com

The two didn’t wait long to move in together in 1983, and seven months later, they exchanged vows at a wedding ceremony. The thing is gay marriage at the time wasn’t legally recognized under California law. So she wasn’t “officially” married. The married couple had a “tempestuous” relationship, to say the least. One altercation, in particular, led to both of them being hospitalized.