Dusty Springfield’s Untold Story: The Rise and Fall of a Repressed Pop Icon

Dusty Springfield was a pop icon of the Swinging Sixties and a star who blazed a trail for future female singers in the industry. The voice behind “Son of a Preacher Man” belongs to a woman who had her share of troubles throughout her life. Like many other talented artists of the era, Dusty had her so-called “demons.” From being diagnosed with bipolar disorder to dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, and living in the closet as a lesbian, she managed to keep it all under wraps… for a while.

Dusty Springfield collage

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The singer didn’t get to see her 60th birthday, but she experienced and accomplished more than many can say for themselves. The perfectionist, who even recorded songs in ladies’ washroom because the sound was better, forever changed the world for female singers. She became one of the most successful female British stars, with half-a-dozen singles in the Top 20. She also landed her spot in both the US Rock and Roll and UK Music Halls of Fame.

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