Classical Piano Duels: Because Composers Have Beef, Too

Yes, I know, not everyone is a fan of classical music. But we still need to provide a space for everyone! And if anything makes classical music more interesting, it’s duels. Here are 5 known piano duels among famous classical musicians.

Daniel Steibelt vs. Beethoven

Steibelt was referred to as “a most unvirtuous virtuoso,” known at the time for doing rather unwholesome things, like spreading false rumors, cheating, stealing from concert receipts, and sleeping with married women, to name a few. He also announced at his concert recitals that Beethoven was a hack performer and was apparently scared of him.

Source: I’m a Useless Info Junkie

Beethoven really didn’t care what Steibelt had to say about him until Steibelt finally challenged him to a duel. When did this happen? All the way back in May 1800, when Steibelt specifically came to Vienna for the sole purpose of winning against Beethoven. After a long piano battle, Steibelt was destroyed and didn’t even wait for Beethoven to finish. He walked out and never saw Beethoven again.