A Timeline of Music History: Remarkable Moments in the Music Industry

When you think about music in general and the moments that planted themselves in the timeline of the industry’s history, what comes to mind? Do you see images of Michael Jackson’s hugely famous moonwalk? Or do you hear Jimi Hendrix’s wailing electric guitar that almost takes you to another dimension? Or how about Madonna all clad in her white wedding dress?

Those are all definite icon moments in music history, but let’s not forget the impact that Woodstock, for instance, had on future generations. And then there’s the rise and evolution of new technologies, from the audio cassette to the iPod, that revolutionized how the world listened to music.

This is a chronological list of events in music history that rocked the world with not just Rock and Roll music itself, but of music as a whole, and essentially changed the industry forever. Let’s begin with the year 1951 and take it from there.

1951: The First-Ever Rock and Roll Record

To go through a timeline without honoring the origins of rock and roll would be a shame. If rock and roll can be defined by dominant guitars, blues elements, rhythm, raw emotions, overtones of rebellion and distorted guitars, then one record can be designated as the first-ever rock and roll record.

Source: News – The AV Club

“Rocket 88,” the 1951 record by Ike Turner (featuring Jackie Brenston on vocals) has all of the ingredients of a rock and roll song. And that’s why it’s considered to be the first record of the genre to have been released.